1.          Orchids will be shipped in Carton Boxes, all prices are F.O.B., Bangkok , Thailand.

2.          All shipments will be by airfreight unless specified by customer otherwise.

3.          To ensure safe and prompt arrival the following are necessary:

                                      (A)       Customer’s clearly written address.

                                      (B)       Customer’s telephone number or Fax number and E-mail address.

                                      (C)       Destination airport.

                                      (D)       Import permit number if any.

4.        Each shipment will be accompanied by PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE,CITES  CERTIFICATE issued by the Department of Agriculture of Thailand and 3 Copies of invoice.

5.         Every care will be taken in packing and insulation against cold weather. If special instructions are required please write to us.

6.         We guarantee safe arrive of plants, in case of damaged, notify us  within 7 days or receipt of shipment. Guarantee applicable only to airfreight shipment.

7.          PAYMENT     :            Payment through our Bank as below :
                                                 BANGKOK BANK, LAKSI BRANCH, CHAENGWATTANA ROAD.,
                                                 BANGKHEN, BANGKOK, THAILAND.

                                                  ACCOUNT  " T. ORCHIDS "  ACCOUNT NUMBER 189-3-00069-3

                                                  SWIFT CODE : BKKBT HBK

                                                 OR PAYMENT BY AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD (AMEX. CARD)                                                 

                                                  NUMBER ………………………… EXPIRY DATED ………………

                                                  4 security code number …………… (ADD 5% for Amex. card)



8.          MINIMUM ORDER US$800.00

9.          Following countries need Import permit for ordering orchids.

1.          Australia

13.        Israel

25.        Rep. of Dominican

2.          Barbados

14.        Hong Kong

26.        Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

3.          Brasil

15.        Jamaica

27.        Trinidad

4.          Brunei

16.        Kenya

28.        Tahiti

5.          Belgium

17.        Martinique

29.        Seychelles

6.          Bermuda

18.        Malaysia

30.        USA

7.          Canada

19.        Mauritius

31.        Vanuatu

8.          Columbia

20.        New Caledonie

32.        Venezuela

9.          Cook Island

21.        New Zealand


10.        England

22.        Papua New Guinea


11.        France

23.        Reunion


12.        Guadeloupe

24.        Rep. of South Africa